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Mabel Opal Pear and the Rules for Spying


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 272 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 30/09/2017 ISBN: 9781782025979

Mabel Opal Pear and the Rules for Spying

Amanda Hosch, illus by Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde

Curious Fox

A young spy gets entangled in an action-filled, whodunit mystery! When Mabel’s parents leave town without warning, she isn’t worried. They’re spies, after all. But when her beloved Aunt Gertie is arrested for leading a smuggling ring, then her obnoxious Uncle Frank and Aunt Stella show up, demanding to be let into the family’s private museum… things begin to look fishy. Especially since Mabel hasn’t heard from her parents in days. Tackling a mystery like this one is what she has been training for her whole, short life. Using her self-authored spy handbook, will Mabel be able to find her parents and unmask the real criminal before it’s too late? Rife with quirky characters, zany twists, and an unflinching look at the difficulty of learning to trust, Amanda Hosch’s debut is sure to capture the hearts of secret-keepers, sleuths, and everyone in between.

Selling points

  • Girl detective: Humorous mystery with a spunky female lead sleuth
  • Deals with the burden of keeping secrets
  • First-person narration and fast-paced plot will keep readers engaged and make it a great read-aloud


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