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The Senses


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £14.99 PAGES: 170 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 30/09/2017 ISBN: 9781910620175

The Senses

Matteo Farinella


Step into the world of the senses...

Meet the four mechanoreceptors of touch, examine our taste buds up close, discover the link between smells and memories, and learn how optical illusions trick the cells in our eyes into seeing things that aren't there...

In this humorous, detailed, yet still accessible book, neuroscientist and illustrator Matteo Farinella takes the reader on a wild ride through key figures and fascinating facts about each of our five senses, describing the most up to date research alongside illuminating drawings and diagrams that even the most scientifically un-savvy will enjoy!

Selling points

  • Uses comics and illustration to explore complex scientific ideas, making a challenging subject approachable and entertaining for the layman
  • The follow-up to the bestselling Neurocomic, which looked at the way our brains work
  • A must for science teachers and forward thinking university book stores


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