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Moonhead and the Music Machine


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £12.99 PAGES: 176 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 30/06/2017 ISBN: 9781910620335

Moonhead and the Music Machine

Andrew Rae


Andrew Rae's psychedelic coming-of-age tale is now out in paperback, with a brand new cover!

Life is a peach when you have a moon for a head. It can wander out of the atmosphere into galactic reveries and drift blissfully across star specked plains... but the world of a teenage boy is a much crueler place. And so, when the school talent contest takes its yearly turn, Joey Moonhead begins a stellar mission to create a music machine that will rival all those in existence and leave his bullies in the dust.

Selling points

• An imaginative and visually poetic take on the stock American high school drama that is enriching, witty, and dreamily illustrated
• A subtle blend between Wayne's World and Ovid's Metamorphoses
• The original hardback edition was very well received by readers and critics in both the UK and US
• Sales copies available to select stores to generate interest
• Review copies to comics/illustration blogs and all national press & media


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