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The Girl with the Broken Wing


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £5.99 PAGES: 160 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 07/12/2017 ISBN: 9781911490241

The Girl with the Broken Wing

Heather Dyer

Chicken House

The twins are in bed when it happens. They hear a sound like a wet cabbage hitting the wall, then a clattering on the roof tiles, followed a little later by a tapping at the window. It's a girl with a broken wing - and she's come to stay. Who is she? Where has she come from? And more importantly, what does she want? The twins have no idea. Perhaps she's their guardian angel? But would an angel have filthy feet and snore?

Selling points

  • A delightful angel-with-attitude story
  • Illustrated throughout with beautiful line drawings by Peter Bailey
  • Gorgeous, classic new cover look by Melissa Castrillon for Heather Dyer’s much-loved bestseller


'It's hard to find books for younger readers who have the intellect but not the stamina for full-length novels, but Heather Dyer effortlessly fills the gap with The Girl with the Broken Wing’ - Sunday Telegraph


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