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FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £11.99 PAGES: 40 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 15/11/2017 ISBN: 9789383145614


Subhash Vyam

Tara Books

Weaving his tale around a Gond fable about water, artist Subash Vyam muses on the history of our relationship to this most primeval of elements. A migrant to the city, he recalls growing up in a village where water was always scarce and human ingenuity was welcomed. In contrast to the village, the needs of the city are monstrous and there is a great danger that we will run this resource completely dry. In the end, there is only one way forward: all communities need to make a pact with Nature in order to survive — or in our mindless push to harness her powers, we might lose our own place in this universe.

Selling points

• Ideal text for middle school and multicultural classrooms — to discuss the history of our relationship with our most basic necessity
• A rich visual book that provides an unusual context to discuss issues of ecology and sustainability
• A rare introduction to an art tradition that is both rooted in ancient memory and yet startlingly modern
• Based on the lived experience of Gond artist Subhash Vyam, and illustrated through his impeccable art


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