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The Extraordinary Book of Silly Superpowers


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £14.99 PAGES: 48 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/11/2019 ISBN: 9780995673137

The Extraordinary Book of Silly Superpowers

Theo Tsecouras, illus by Michael Towers

Petita Demas

Every person has a superpower that distinguishes them from other people and this book details the most incredible and the silliest superpowers that a person can have!

It features the adventures of 18 incredible superheroes including: The Girl Who Can Fly Only Four Inches From The Ground, The Boy Who Can Hypnotise Goldfish, The Girl Who Knows What Pineapples Think, and The Boy With The Invisible Leg. By meeting all these unexpected superheroes, children learn that each person has a unique superpower, no matter how insignificant or useless it might seem at first.

Selling points

  • Winner of the Public Stores Book Award 2018 in Greece.
  • Each book includes six large stickers, featuring 'The Boy Who Can Go To Every Page'.
  • Truly beautiful illustrations, with masses of visual appeal.


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