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I Breathe


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 11/06/2020 ISBN: 9781405296144

I Breathe

Susie Brooks, illus by Cally Johnson Isaacs


What special things can you do just by breathing? Alice snuffles like a bouncy bunny, Lulu roars like a brave lion and Becky and Ben buzz and hum like a busy bee. They learn to be calm, peaceful, free and strong. With yoga, every breath takes them on an adventure - and YOU can join in.

A wonderful way for children aged 3+ years to learn mindfulness through yoga.

Selling points

  • A wonderful way for children aged 3+ to learn yoga poses and practise mindful breathing.
  • A fun, interactive, imaginative book: children will be inspired by animals that will help them understand and relate to the poses and will want to join in.
  • With gorgeous illustrations of animals and children from the illustrator of I Do It Like This.
  • Taps into the growing importance of mindfulness for young children


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