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All Kinds of


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 20/08/2020 ISBN: 9781405298230

All Kinds of Families

Sophy Henn


A wonderful celebration of the diversity of family life that is perfect for preschoolers, from award-winning author/illustrator Sophy Henn – the creator of Where Bear?, Pass It On and the Lifesize series.

Just like us, animal families are all different. For orang-utans, mummy looks after the babies, for emus it is all down to daddy. Clownfish live with a mummy and daddy, some albatross families live with two mummies and some cheetahs are adopted by two daddies. For some families it is the grandparents, or even a huge family group, who help bring up the youngsters. But what’s the one thing that they have in common? Love, of course!

Reflecting the different ways that children live today, this warm and friendly introduction to the variety of family life is perfect for pre-schoolers to learn about the world around them, as well as seeing which family is similar to their own.

Selling points

  • An all-embracing celebration of all different kinds of family life.
  • Reflects children’s own diverse families and celebrates blended families, human and animal.
  • From Sophy Henn, the creator of the bestselling Lifesize series – over 150,000 copies sold worldwide.
  • Fact checked by the Education Officer from the Oxford Museum of Natural History.


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