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Heartbreak Boys


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 416 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 06/08/2020 ISBN: 9781407194257

Heartbreak Boys

Simon James Green


At the start of summer, Jack and Nate find themselves dumped as their respective exes, Dylan and Tariq, start up a new relationship together. Not only that, their exes are on an amazing road trip, stopping off at festivals, concerts, surfing on the Cornish coast, living it up in London - all of it Instagrammed and shown to the world.

Jack and Nate are reeling. Not to be outdone, they decide to create their own 'highlights reel' and show their exes that they're having an even better time.

They quickly realize living a lie isn't easy, and dressing the dismal truth up as 'the best summer ever' is even harder. But between the depressing motorway service station motels, damp campsites, and an ultimate showdown with their exes, something epic really *is* happening: Jack and Nate are learning to get over their heartache and open themselves up to new possibilities for love.

Selling points

  • A coming-of-age road trip rom-com perfect for the social media generation!
  • An ideal next-read for fans of Love Simon, with Simon James Green's distinctive brand of mayhem and hilarity.
  • Great for Pride promotions, which are growing year on year. The leading gay YA author in the UK, Simon has built up a fan following, especially for his Noah books.
  • Noah Can't Even has sold to Polish, French and Brazilian publishers.
  • Consumer marketing campaign on Scholastic channels, reaching fans of Noah, Alex, and new readers in the LGBTQ+ community.


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