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Llama Glamarama


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/06/2020 ISBN: 9781407197036

Llama Glamarama

Simon James Green, illus by Garry Parsons


Larry the llama has a big secret: he loves dancing! But have you everseen a llama dance? Well, neither had Larry - until one day he spots an ad for the Llama Glamarama. He joins the crowd, and it blows Larry'smind to see llamas DANCING! Will this raucous, joyful celebration give Larry the courage to embrace his inner dancer? How would the other llamas back at the barn react, if he told them the truth about who he is?

Selling points

  • The shiniest, most fabulous book you've ever seen - the cover issparkling in full gold glitter-like foil!
  • A hilarious, rhythmic, rhyming celebration of dance that will get kids hopping and bopping along with the beat!
  • It's also a celebration of being true to yourself, even if you are a bit different. While there is nothing explicitly LGBT in the text, this messaging will clearly be understood by adults to have special meaning for LGBTQ+ kids. Picture books that celebrate difference in this way are growing year on year as bookstores and reviewers focus more and more on these books during Pride month every summer;
  • Simon James Green is a bookseller favourite author, and Garry Parsons is a bestselling illustrator, perhaps best known for the Dinosaur Who Pooped series.


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