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Little Sound Book: Avengers - Assembled We Stand


FORMAT: Board book PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 12 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 13/05/2018 ISBN: 9781503734067

Little Sound Book: Avengers - Assembled We Stand

PI Kids

PI Kids

The Mad Titan Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, and he’s on the attack! Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes defeat him before it’s too late? Seven buttons bring young children closer to the action with voices and sounds from the Avengers universe.

Selling points

  • Avengers 3: Infinity War appears in cinemas across the UK on 27th April and is expected to be huge
  • This little book is packed with big stories and fun
  • Hands on interaction engages young readers
  • Matching pictures to sounds builds concentration
  • Sturdy board book with colourful story spreads
  • Press seven triggers to hear character voices, sounds and music


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