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FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £10.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/05/2019 ISBN: 9781776572236


Stephanie Blake

Gecko Press

Simon feels a new emotion stirring - he thinks he is in love with Lou! Sadly, Lou loves Mamadou... One day Lou comes to school with nits. She’s suddenly not so popular any more. Except with Simon. He doesn’t care about nits!

Lou gives Simon a big hug for being so kind—and some small visitors too...

Selling points

  • Simon is now on TV - all books stickered with Simon show on Milkshake!
  • Nits is a topic every family can relate to.
  • A strong and funny story in the series with a great ending.
  • Poo Bum has sold over 60,000 copies.
  • Display packs, Simon cut-outs and Poo Bum badges for instore promotions.
  • Blake’s books have been hits all over the world, and have been translated into more than 10 languages.


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