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FORMAT: Board book PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 36 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/04/2019 ISBN: 9781776572311


Tatsuhide Matsuoka

Gecko Press

A joyful jumping boardbook to share with babies and toddlers.

A frog jumps. Boing!

A kitten jumps. Boi-ing!

A dog jumps. Boiyyyyyyoiingg!

A grasshopper jumps, a rabbit jumps, then a snail... uhm, maybe not.

Mother and chick jump together, a fish jumps out of the water, and last comes a little girl to join the fun...

I jump too!

Selling points

  • A simple story to share with the very young.
  • Comical animals in joyful poses.
  • A proven book that has sold over 500,000 copies in Japan.
  • Each animal’s movements are accurately rendered anatomically.
  • Illustrated with warmth and detail, and full of joy.


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