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Lionel Poops


FORMAT: Board book PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 26 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/06/2022 ISBN: 9781776574636

Lionel Poops

Eric Veillé

Gecko Press

In this pithy board book series, an overenthusiastic, impulsive lion tests his daily routines to their limit—in Lionel Poops, cheerfully trying all sorts of places to poop before ending up proudly on the potty.

Lionel is bouncing on his trampoline when all of a sudden he needs to poop. Where will he do it? On some cows! No, Lionel, no! On some wildcats! No, Lionel! Lionel thinks of many inappropriate places but eventually poops on his potty. Well done, Lionel! But wait—that’s not all…

Cheeky toddler lion Lionel learns about looking after his own body. His mischievous grin puts the reader instantly on his side, and the tolerant voice of his adult helper provides an amused commentary. Ideal to read to a child while they are on a potty.

Series includes Lionel Eats All By Himself.

From the author of Encyclopedia of Grannies

“A completely bonkers, gleefully silly guide to grandmothers of all stripes.” School Library Journal

…and My Pictures after the Storm (3 starred reviews)

“A terrific little book that will amuse all out of proportion to its size.” Wall Street Journal

Selling Points:

  • Funny book for potty training.
  • Facial expressions are laugh out loud.
  • Taps into a vein of pure toddler mischief.
  • Author/illustrator of Encyclopedia of Grannies.
  • One of a new series of accessible, funny, subversive board books.


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