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FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 120 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 15/01/2019 ISBN: 9781781128435


Anthony McGowan

Barrington Stoke

An uncompromising and heartbreaking end to the story of Nicky and Kenny, the beloved brothers of the Carnegie shortlisted Rook, beautifully told in McGowan’s gritty realism.

Things are tense at home for Nicky and Kenny. Their mum’s coming to visit and it will be the first time they’ve seen her in years. A lot has changed since they were little and Nicky’s not so sure he’s ready to see her again. When they head for a trek across the moors to take their minds off everything, a series of unforeseen circumstances leaves the brothers in a vulnerable and very dangerous position. There might even be a chance that this time not everyone will make it home alive.

A thrilling adventure intertwined with a poignant tale of brotherly love, Lark is a masterclass in storytelling and the perfectly pitched endnote to this critically acclaimed series of novellas.

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Selling points

  • All three novellas have received an astonishing raft of great reviews, nominations and coverage, culminating in the 2018 Carnegie shortlisting of Rook.
  • High-profile media campaign, large proof mailing and events programme to build on the success of Rook.
  • Award-winning Barrington Stoke has over 20 years’ experience of publishing top-notch super-readble short fiction, accessible to all, including young people with dyslexia or reading reluctance.


'Never have three sparsely written novellas packed such an emotional punch. Not a word is wasted and, for me, they are the absolute definition of the word ‘classic'' - Phil Earle, Guardian


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