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The Disconnect


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 112 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 15/04/2019 ISBN: 9781781128558

The Disconnect

Keren David

Barrington Stoke

How will a group of teenagers react when they are offered £1,000 to give up their mobile phone in Keren David’s thought-provoking story of perspective and influence.

When an eccentric entrepreneur challenges a class to give up their phones, offering a prize of £1,000 to the one who lasts the longest, Esther is determined to win. But ignoring the draw of technology is difficult and it’s not as easy as she thought to resist that niggling urge. Can she hold out long enough to win the money and what else can Esther and her friends discover when they’re not glued to their screens? An astute and enthralling examination of the highs and lows of social-media life, from one of the most compelling voices in teenage fiction.

Selling points

  • Acclaimed and popular author: Keren’s books are widely reviewed and respected within the trade. The Liar’s Handbook was one of our best reviewed books of 2017: “The best YA novel I’ve read in ages - gripping and honest. It’s a terrific story” - Amanda Craig
  • Keren has a gift for writing authentically about contemporary issues and teen life.
  • Promotion: a sampler will be available to get the book widely read before publication.
  • Award-winning Barrington Stoke has over 20 years’ experience of publishing top-notch super-readble short fiction, accessible to all, including young people with dyslexia or reading reluctance.


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