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Owen and the Soldier


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 104 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 15/06/2019 ISBN: 9781781128657

Owen and the Soldier

Lisa Thompson

Barrington Stoke

A touching story of loss and remembrance from Lisa Thompson, the award-winning author of The Goldfish Boy and The Light Jar.

Owen and his mum are struggling. It’s just the two of them now and they’re finding it difficult to ask for the help they need. When Owen discovers a battered old war memorial in the local park, he finds great comfort in confessing his worries to the memorial’s war wearied soldier. No matter what Owen says the soldier just sits and listens, and most days, that’s all that Owen needs. But the council want to get rid of the soldier and Owen’s scared he won’t be able to get by without him. If he could just show everyone how important the memorial is, maybe this time Owen won’t be left to cope on his own…

Selling points

  • Top author: Lisa Thompson has quickly become a staple of bookshops and a well-known name in the industry with her critically acclaimed novels The Goldfish Boy and The Light Jar.
  • Featuring cover artwork from illustration star Mike Lowery, Owen and the Solider is designed with commercial appeal and to complement Lisa’s other novels.
  • Promotions to include a large scale proof mailing and a dedicated campaign to press and trade.
  • Written with sensitivity and honesty this title deals with various important subjects including depression, loss, memory, young carers and the importance of asking for help.


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