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FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £12.99 PAGES: 320 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 19/09/2019 ISBN: 9781782692423


Liz Hyder

Pushkin Children's Books

It taykes more than one person to start a revolushun

Life in Bearmouth will never change at least that's what people say. They work hard to bring wealth to the Master, toiling in dark mines and brutal conditions for six long days each week.

When young friends Newt and Devlin start to question the system, they set in motion a chain of events that could destroy their entire world.

But freedom is worth fighting for.

Selling points

  • Written in a powerful first-person dialect, Bearmouth challenges the reader's idea of character voice in a similar way to Maggot Moon and Ridely Walker.
  • A thrilling novel about justice and injustice, friendship and trust, and one that reminds readers that it is through action that we can create change.
  • Liz Hyder is a debut author with a truly fresh, innovative voice and extensive experience of PR in the arts.


'One of the most ambitious and darkly brilliant YA books I've read. It's provocative, tender, claustrophobic and epic. It blew my mind' - Kiran Millwood Hargrave

'A mighty impressive piece of work... compelling, powerful and utterly unique. The voice of Newt is so original, demonstrating a lyrical dexterity in such a brilliant style. I loved the claustrophobic nature of the mine and the wider society as a whole' - Brian Conaghan

'Liz Hyder is a writer of true courage' - David Almond



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