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The Mysterious Life of Dr Barry a Surgeon Unlike Any Other


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 144 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 05/11/2020 ISBN: 9781782692782

The Mysterious Life of Dr Barry a Surgeon Unlike Any Other

Lisa Williamson, illus by Amerigo Pinelli

Pushkin Children's Books

In July 1865, the celebrated surgeon Dr James Barry died in London after a long and distinguished career in the British Empire. He had lived alone, and a charlady took on the task of laying out his body. Barry was well-known. A fiery, red-haired man, he was a gifted physician - and determined and pugnacious character. He had been Surgeon to the Forces in BritishSouth Africa, where he performed the world's first successful modern Caesarean birth. He had pushed through much-needed medical reforms. He had quelled an outbreak of cholera in the West Indies. He had visited the Crimea and argued violently with Florence Nightingale. A charlady came running from the room; she had startling news. Dr Barry had clearly been born a woman! And so Margaret Bulkley's secret was finally revealed. Here is the incredible true adventures of a young person who defied all the odds to achieve their aim.

Selling points

  • Sales PointsAwe-inspiring protagonist and thrilling story- a young person who defied the rules. Will Dr Barry's secret be discovered?
  • Features black and white illustrations plus fascinating end-matter such as maps, timelines, glossaries and 'What Happened Next' features to bring the historical context to life
  • Part of the True Adventures series - captivating, exciting true stories from around the world


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