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True Adventures:
 Queen of Freedom - Defending Jamaica


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 160 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 06/08/2020 ISBN: 9781782692799

True Adventures: Queen of Freedom - Defending Jamaica

Catherine Johnson, illus by Amerigo Pinelli

Pushkin Children's Books

The thrilling true story of how one woman masterminded slave resistance to British rule in eighteenth-century Jamaica - part of the True Adventures series.

1720. Blue Mountains, windward Jamaica. In the sweltering heat Captain Shettlewood leads a troop of British soldiers through the thick trees towards the river. They are hunting slaves who have escaped from the brutal plantations. Their mission: to find them, and kill them.

But up ahead, hidden among the rocks above the water, a group of men with cutlasses and muskets wait patiently for the instructions of their leader. Queen Nanny is an old 'wise woman' with a reputation for ancient obeah magic, and a guerilla fighter with a genius for organisation. So the battle for Jamaica begins, the First Maroon War, in which the maroons - escaped slaves - will make a final, do-or-die stand against the slavers and soldiers of Empire.

Selling points

  • Awe-inspiring heroine snd a thrilling adventure - an old woman who out-witted the forces of Imperial Britain, featuring ambush, rescue and defeats in the lush jungle mountains of Jamaica.
  • Features black and white illustrations throughout plus fascinating end-matter - maps, timelines, glossaries and 'What Happened Next' features.
  • Bring history to life in the Caribbean as part of the new True Adventure series - captivating, exciting true stories from around the world.


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