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The Flag Never Touched The Ground


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 160 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/02/2020 ISBN: 9781782693055

The Flag Never Touched The Ground

Kekla Magoon illus by Amerigo Pinelli

Pushkin Children's Books

The story of an all-black regiment's assault on the impregnable Fort Wagner in the CivilWar, an act of extraordinary courage that changed hearts and minds in America forever.

In 1863, the US Civil War was raging. Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamationhad freed over 3.5 million African-American slaves, and now the Union Army began torecruit a second all-black regiment of soldiers to join the fight. As the bloody struggle against the Confederate South raged on, the newly-formed 54thMassachusetts battalion prepared to attack the seemingly impregnable fortress of FortWagner. The odds were heavily against them; the fort had never been taken. Americawas watching them - and when the bugle sounded they marched towards the guns,flag held high.

Selling points

  • The true story of the all-black regiment whose bravery during the US Civil War changed the course of history - whose story is the subject of the Academy Award-winning film Glory.
  • Kekla Magoon is an award-winning writer, a recipient of two Coretta Scott KingHonors, who has written books about Malcolm X and the Black Panthers for younger readers.
  • Timeline, maps and full-page black-and-white illustrations will bring this story of extraordinary courage to life.


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