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Hotel Magnifique


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £12.99 PAGES: 400 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 05/05/2022 ISBN: 9781782693475

Hotel Magnifique

Emily J. Taylor

Pushkin Children's Books

The legendary Hotel Magnifique is like no other: a magical world of golden ceilings, enchanting soirées and fountains flowing with champagne. It changes location every night, stopping in each place only once a decade. When the Magnifique comes to her hometown, seventeen-year-old Jani hatches a plan to secure jobs there for herself and her younger sister, longing to escape their dreary life. Luck is on their side, and with a stroke of luminous ink on paper the sisters are swept into a life of adventure and opulence. But Jani soon begins to notice sinister spots in the hotel's decadent façade. Who is the shadowy maître who runs the hotel? And can the girls discover the true price paid by those who reside there - before it's too late?

Selling points:

  • Richly imagined, escapist YA fantasy with an irresistible setting in a magical hotel - perfect for fans of Caraval and The Night Circus.
  • Major publicity and consumer-led marketing campaign planned for this enchanting debut, planned to coincide with huge activity on US publication by Penguin Random House.
  • A spectacular adventure, full of imaginative magic, shape-shifting characters, romance and intrigue.


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