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Princess Pirates Book 1: Topaz The Sunken Treasure


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £4.99 PAGES: 128 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/05/2018 ISBN: 9781787004436

Princess Pirates Book 1: Topaz The Sunken Treasure

Rose Lacey

Imagine That Publishing

Action-packed, swashbuckling adventures set in a magical island world!

A battle for the magical world of Lemuria is raging and an evil sorceress called Obsidian is on the brink of defeating the five royal families. Get ready for swashbuckling adventures with the Princess Pirates as they use their magical powers to help the people and animals of Lemuria, whilst embracing the values of teamwork, friendship, girl power, courage, and loyalty.

Selling points

  • Evergreen princess and pirates themes combined with a core girl power message and vivid line art illustrations
  • Ideal for readers who like the Rescue Princesses and Secret Princesses stories
  • Characters reflect diversity of the world in which we live


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