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Mike Falls Up


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £5.99 PAGES: 96 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 06/01/2022 ISBN: 9781788951654

Mike Falls Up

Candy Gourlay, illus by Carles Ballestros

Little Tiger Press

Mike and his dog Bowow are relaxing in the Chocolate Hills when the ground starts to tremble and the next moment a gaping hole appears. Before Mike can stop him, Bowow jumps into the hole. Then a note floats up…

Party. Come now. Just fall up.

There’s no time to wonder what it means – Mike jumps in and falls into the most topsy-turvy of adventures.

Selling Points

Accessible and engaging colour fiction stories with illustrations on every page. Paperback edition divided into chapters for enhanced reading experience. Highly acclaimed colour fiction collection encompasses a wide range of stories. Candy Gourlay is the award-winning author of TALL STORY, SHINE, BONE TALK and IS IT A MERMAID? Carles Ballesteros has illustrated a wide variety of books for young children.