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Day and Night


FORMAT: Novelty book PRICE: £8.99 PAGES: 10 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/02/2020 ISBN: 9781838912710

Day and Night

Harriet Evans, Lirios Bou

Little Tiger Press

Tug the tab to reveal the different animals that delight in day and night. From the wonderful rain forest to the sweltering savannah, there's plenty to discover with the magically dissolving windows in this bright boardbook.

Selling points

  •  A satisfying novelty, perfect to show the difference between different habitats during the day and night.
  • Bright and quirky illustrations offer a gentle introduction to nocturnal and diurnal animals and different habitats.
  • A blend of simple science and poetry.
  • The final word of each verse is hidden, encouraging little readers to guess the rhyme.


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