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Jinny at Finmory: The Summer Riders


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 240 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 02/04/2020 ISBN: 9781846471124

Jinny at Finmory: The Summer Riders

Patricia Leitch

Catnip Publishing

The Jinny at Finmory books were first published in the 1970sand were enormously popular. They have been out of print for many years – to the consternation of Leitch’s many fans.

Town girl Marlene and her brother Bill have come to stay at Finmory, shattering Jinny’s dreams of a summer spent riding Shantih over the moors. Now Jinny has to share her precious horse with someone she can’t stand. But knowing nothing about horses doesn’t mean Marlene can’t teach Jinny a thing or two, as Jinny is about to find out.

Selling points

  • One of the all-time great pony series for children.
  • The beautiful Shantih guaranteed to gallop straight into the hearts of today’s readers! Pony series fully back in vogue.
  • Third of 12 titles, with a bright new look for young readers.
  • Perfect for fans of Lauren St John and Olivia Tuffin.


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