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FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £19.99 PAGES: 64 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 14/06/2018 ISBN: 9781848576346


Jonathan Litton and Thomas Hegbrook

Little Tiger Press

Discover a hidden world. Delve into this fascinating book of holes to discover a world of burrows and boreholes, subways and sinkholes. From the mythical and mysterious to household and human holes, find out what makes a hole a hole and how they shape our world.


Selling Points

  • A fascinating and unusual choice of subject matter
  • The book is split into five main sections that make it easy to navigate
  • Ostensibly about holes, this book presents a unique look at our world
  • It takes us on a journey that encompasses science and nature as well as the human experience
  • It explores philosophy, myth, the arts, religion, sport, music and architecture - all through the medium
    of holes!



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