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FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 224 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/08/2018 ISBN: 9781910080764


Vanessa Harbour

Firefly Press

1945 Austria. A Nazi officer is tipped off that a stable is sheltering a Jewish boy. Jakob hides, but has to watch the officer shoot one of his beloved Lipizzaner horses just for spite. Jakob and his guardian know they must get the other horses away, but can they cross Nazi territory to safety? A Roma orphan girl, Kizzy, joins them, facing gruelling trials as they try to cross the Austrian mountains. Can they do it, and what will be waiting on the other side?

Selling points

  • Inspired by the real mission to rescue the Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.
  • Gripping debut from a popular Golden Egg Academy editor who will receive lots of endorsements and social media support.
  • A treat for horse story fans and all MG readers will love the page-turning adventure, danger and Jakob and Kizzy’s friendship.