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Fish Fingers Vs Nuggets


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 192 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/03/2018 ISBN: 9781910611043

Fish Fingers Vs Nuggets

Jason Beresford, illus by Vicky Barker

Catnip Publishing

In a galaxy far, far away (and then a bit further. Then second left) there lies the planet Nrrmmff. On Nrrmmff there lives a great warrior. His name is Zultar and Nrrmmffians consider him to be the strongest, most cunning and handsomest of evil beings. But on Earth he looks like a chicken nugget with one eye, a little beard and very tight trousers. Zultar arrives on Earth intent on carrying out the evilest of evil plans. (It involves hamsters, if you were wondering.)

But he hasn’t counted on Gary, Bel, Ruby and Morris. Just four ordinary kids from Fish Street until the day an elf turned them into superheroes. Now The Chimp, Nightingale, KangaRuby and Slug Boy are all that stands between Zultar and all the world’s hamsters. It’s Fish Fingers vs Nuggets - and someone’s getting fried!

Selling points

  • Hilarious narrative fiction, complete with silly villains and loveable heroes, that will have broad appeal for readers
  • Book one has reprinted twice and has sold 4,600, book 2 has sold nearly 2000 since October 2014
  • Amazing package with Vicky Barker’s brilliant illustrations perfectly capturing the humour in the story
  • Author is very active in schools and libraries and a great performer


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