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Across the Divide


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 320 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 03/05/2018 ISBN: 9781910611111

Across the Divide

Anne Booth

Catnip Publishing

Olivia lives with her mum and her grandparents. She has a relatively normal modern family. The opening of a new Army cadets unit causes turmoil both at home and at school. Olivia wants to join, a decision her ex-army grandfather supports, but her pacifist mother is ardently opposed. Her best friend Aiden also disagrees with her decision causing tension in their friendship. When her mum is imprisoned for leading a pacifist protest, Olivia is forced to spend time with her dad who lives on Lindesfarne. The island feels far away and detached from the mainland, almost magical. And even William, a young boy she meets there seems different... Is her mum ever going to be released? And what will Olivia do with her Future?

Selling points

  • Olivia’s strong personality works as a perfect example for other girls who want to be inspired by the book and follow their dreams - 2018 is 100 years of suffragettes
  • The book tackles very contemporary topics such as pacifism, respect for different points of view, divorce, friendship and more
  • Extensive PR and marketing campaign


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