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The Littlest Witch


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £5.99 PAGES: 400 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 02/08/2018 ISBN: 9781910611173

The Littlest Witch

Bianca Pitzorno

Catnip Publishing

When the revolting Asdrubale Tirinnanzi's Great Uncle Sempronio dies, he's convinced that he's finally going to inherit his millions. But Great Uncle Sempronio has one condition: if Asdrubale doesn't marry a witch within a year and a month of Sempronio's death, the fortune will go to someone else.

On the search for a witch to woo, Asdrubale finds the eccentric Zap family; a glamorous actress and her manager husband, Grandpa Lindoro, the seven Zep sisters and their nanny, Diomira. When the oldest of the sisters displays some witchy characteristics, Asdrubale begins to hatch a diabolical scheme. But he's letting himself in for more than he bargained for...

Get ready for a crazy and fantastically quirky advenutre with a little bit of magic and a warm heart? 

Selling points

  • Bianca Pitzorno's books are considered classics of Italian children's literature
  • Her novels have sold millions of copies worldwide in Italian and in translation
  • Translated fiction is getting more media attention and creates a lot of buzz


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