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Lavinia and the Magic Ring


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £5.99 PAGES: 160 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/10/2018 ISBN: 9781910611180

Lavinia and the Magic Ring

Bianca Pitzorno, illus by Quentin Blake, translation by Laura Watkinson

Catnip Publishing

One freezing Christmas Eve in Milan, seven-year-old Lavinia, a modern-day match girl, is alone and starving. Everyone is hurrying home to be with their families, and they have no time to help the little girl.

A fairy arrives in a taxi, and Lavinia gives her a light for free. The grateful fairy gives Lavinia a gift: a magic ring. Its special power? It allows the wearer to turn anything into poo – and back again. Lavinia is horrified and disgusted at first, but she soon works out how to use the ring to her advantage. By threatening shopkeepers and hotel concierges, Lavinia ends up with beautiful clothes to wear and a fabulous hotel suite to live in. She’s not entirely selfish, though – she also rescues a baby from a burning building.

Lavinia makes new friends, particularly with Clodoveo, who qualified to leave school at the age of eleven and went to work as a liftboy at the hotel where she lives. They come up with a plan to use the power of Lavinia’s ring to free the animals at the zoo.

However, Lavinia starts to get too big for her boots, and eventually she makes a mistake. One day, she actually turns herself into poo. Will Clodoveo be able to help her?

A witty and appealing book that’s not for the squeamish!

Selling points

  • Bianca Pitzorno’s books are considered classics of Italian children’s literature.
  • Translated fiction is getting more media attention and creates lots of buzz.
  • Bianca’s novels have sold millions of copies worldwide in Italian and in translation.
  • Bianca has won the Andersen award 6 times (1985, 1989, 1988, 1992, 1995, 2001).
  • She has been nominated twice for the Hans Christian Andersen Award.


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