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The Twisted Threads of Polly Freeman


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 272 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 03/09/2020 ISBN: 9781910611227

The Twisted Threads of Polly Freeman

Pippa Goodhart

Catnip Publishing

Orphan Polly Freeman lives with her seamstress aunt Jemima in London. One day when her aunt gets caught thieving, they are sent to St Pancras Workhouse. Jemima, pretending to be mad, is locked in the lunatic ward while Polly has to work picking ropes of old ships to untwist the reusable fabric. In the workhouse, Polly finds it really difficult to make friends. Only Min is nice to her and the two become inseparable. After a few weeks, Polly and Min are recruited to work for a mill in the north of England. Working at the mill is very dangerous but at least Polly and Min are well fed and have a warm bed. One day Min is severely injured whilst working and dies not long after the accident. After her best friend’s death, Polly is devastated and tries to escape from the mill. However, she is caught and locked up in a room where she has to stitch clothes for the owners of the mill. As she is hemming the clothes, Polly also embroiders the dresses with beautiful figures, using the technique her aunt taught her. When her talent is discovered, she is offered a role as an apprentice dressmaker, and has the opportunity of rescuing her aunt from London and bring her to the north with her.

Selling points

  • Perfect for historical fiction fans.
  • Beautiful cover design by Helen Crawford White.
  • Strong BAME female protagonist.
  • Deals with themes of slavery and workers rights.
  • Comparison titles include Rose’s Dress of Dreams by Katherine Woodfine and Sequin and Stich by Laura Dockrill.