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Stig and TIlde: Vanisher's Island


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £9.99 PAGES: 64 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/08/2019 ISBN: 9781910620649

Stig and TIlde: Vanisher's Island

Max de Radigues

Imagine That Publishing

Keeping with a local tradition, Stig and Tilde hop on a dinghy and head to a desert island to survive alone without adult supervision. However, a unexpected detour leads them to the wrong island and it looks like it's inhabited by something that isn't too fond of guests...

Selling points

  • Tintin meets Swallows and Amazons in this exciting story of adventure and sibling relationships.
  • The first in a new series by a renowned French comic artist with books 2 and 3 scheduled for spring and summer 2020.
  • Ideal summer holiday reading for young readers.


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