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The Wardrobe Monster


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £10.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/04/2018 ISBN: 9781910646366

The Wardrobe Monster

Bryony Thomson

Old Barn Books

What's that knocking sound coming from the wardrobe? Every night, it makes Dora and her toy friends afraid to go to bed and every morning they are grumpy through lack of sleep.

Eventually, they summon up the courage to face their fear together and open the wardrobe door... what falls out provides a humorous and reassuring story for all children who imagine monsters in the darkness.

With a sympathetically drawn cast of characters, Bryony taps into a childhood fear and converts it into a tale of mutual support. Gently funny, The Wardrobe Monster is a great bedtime read.

Selling points

  • Debut illustrator with a fresh hand-drawn style
  • Reassuring, humorous, bedtime read
  • Sympathetic cast of characters


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