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The Secret Deep


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 288 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 02/08/2018 ISBN: 9781911490029

The Secret Deep

Lindsay Galvin

Chicken House

When Aster wakes alone, stranded, on a tropical island, she has no idea what has happened, why she is there, or where to find her younger sister, Poppy. The answers lie in the secretive underwater world surrounding the desert island, populated by the beautiful and the impossible…

Selling points

  • An excitingly original teen thriller by debut Lindsay Galvin
  • Pulse-pounding and mysterious, with the action split between the wilds of New Zealand and a remote tropical island
  • Fantastic plotting is enhanced by gorgeous, visual writing, vividly conjuring a tropical underwater world
  • Themes of bereavement, ecology, science and family


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