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My Secret Dragon


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £7.99 PAGES: 224 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 20/09/2018 ISBN: 9781912417063

My Secret Dragon

Debbie Thomas

Little Island

Aidan has spent most of his life keeping a low profile because his mum has a terrible secret – one that he can’t be trusted to keep if he mixes too much with other kids or goes to school. You see, Aidan’s mum is part-dragon. She has scales and claws and can breathe fire. But she is terrified of anyone finding out.

When Aidan’s mum suddenly disappears, Aidan and his best friend Charlotte set out on a dangerous adventure to find her. They track her to a murky research laboratory on the other side of the country, and there they find several other part-mythic-beast ‘freaks’ all in the thrall of an evil scientist who is hellbent on stealing their special powers for himself.

Aidan and Charlotte have to find a way to rescue Dr Krinksky’s victims from the horrors of his lab and bring his mum back home safe and sound.

Selling points

  • Brilliant and careful exploration of what it is to be different and how so many try to hide it.
  • Love of food, cooking and baking a big theme – includes recipes for children to make at home.
  • Funny, warm prose.
  • Established and experienced author in Ireland.


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