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The Rabbit Listened


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £12.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/07/2019 ISBN: 9781912650095

The Rabbit Listened

Cori Doerrfeld

Scallywag Press

A person dealing with grief or depression often needs someone who will just sit quiet and listen.

In The Rabbit Listened the reader knows that Taylor has been through a very difficult time. And now he is surrounded by concerned friends who each tell him how he should feel and what he should do to start feeling better. But it is not until they have gone and a little rabbit comes and sits quietly by his side, that he begins to process his thoughts and start to think and feel on his own.

Selling points

  • A profound tool to help children understand their emotions and process their losses - whether it be the death of a loved one or a fallen block tower.
  • Based on a real incident from the author’s own experience.
  • Relevant to loss at any level, from a death, to the simple one illustrated in the book: a block tower falling apart.
  • A sensitive story which will help children to develop a strong emotional intelligence.
  • Universal subject rendered with universal text and images: we don’t know if Taylor is a boy or girl or what sort of race or background Taylor is from.
  • Gives kids - and adults - permission to feel all the things they’re feeling, and helps them understand what they can do when someone else is going through a hard time too.



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