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The Longest, Strongest Thread


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £12.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 02/04/2020 ISBN: 9781912650187

The Longest, Strongest Thread

Inbal Leitner

Scallywag Press

We are moving to a new home, where the lakes freeze in winter. I am visiting my Grandma to say goodbye.

The little girlin this story is moving with her parents to a new, colder country very far away. She loves visiting her Grandma’s sewing studio and watching her make things and is worried about leaving Grandma behind. As the girl makes a toy aeroplane and a map so that her Grandma can come and visit her in the new country, Grandma is busy making a coat to keep her Grandchild warm.

Grandma says I mustn’t worry that my new home is so very far away. She says that we two have the longest, strongest thread in the whole world, and she will surely fly all the way to find me.

Selling points

  • A beautifully subtle and re-assuring look at the anxiety that moving from one home to a new one can bring.
  • Celebration of a relationship with a grandparent.
  • Based on the author’s own family experiences of moving countries and leaving loved ones behind.
  • Glowing yellow and green colours add warmth to the restrained but expressivepictures.
  • Poetic text full of imagery and emotion.
  • Can apply to families moving for business or refugees moving out of necessity .


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