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Flyntlock Bones: The Sceptre of the Pharaohs


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 176 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/06/2020 ISBN: 9781912650408

Flyntlock Bones: The Sceptre of the Pharaohs

Derek Keilty, illus by Mark Elvins

Scallywag Press

First in a trilogy of 3 pirate investigator adventures!

‘Welcome to the Black Hound -a ship full o’ the cleverest pirate investigators ya ever set eyes upon.’ The captain pauses. ‘You OK, lad? Yagone paler than a full moon.'

When young Flynn becomes too old to stay at the Baskervile orphanage, he applies for a job as cabin boy on the Black Hound. But once aboard, the dreadful reality sinks in – he’s on a pirate ship! However, with nowhere else inthe world to go, he has no option but to give it a try.

Selling points

  • Page turning, swash-buckling adventure with real dramaand danger.
  • Features wonderfully ‘piratey’pirates who just happen to have changed professionand become investigators.
  • Positive girl character in Red, who befriends Flynn, and a cast of well-developed characters ranging from thekindhearted, to the evil bullies.
  • Exotic settings will change in each title: the first book is set in an Egyptian type of world with pyramids, and mummies.
  • Incredible illustrations from a debut illustrator, providing massesof humour, further characterisation and more drama.
  • Funny and atmospheric pictures on almost every page, to encourage reluctant readers.


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