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Knights and Bikes


FORMAT: Paperback PRICE: £6.99 PAGES: 256 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/08/2018 ISBN: 9781999642501

Knights and Bikes

Gabrielle Kent, illus by Rex Crowle

Knights Of

Welcome to the sleepy island of Penfurzy, where nothing exciting ever really happens. OR DOES IT?

Adventure awaits Demelza and her new best friend in the whole world, Nessa, as they explore the island and uncover the mysteries of the Penfurzy Knights. With a honking pet goose sidekick, quirky islanders and a legendary treasure to find, it's up to Nessa and Demelza to ride their bikes, solve the puzzles before them, and face down danger with frisbees, water-balloons, feathers .... and a toilet plunger.

Their friendship will warm your heart. Their bravery will make them legends.

Selling points

A new commercial series about friendship, adventure, mystery and imagination on the fictional British island of Penfurzy

A fantastic showcase of independence and danger

Perfect for fans of Maz Evans, MG Leonard, Jeff Kinney and Jonny Duddle

Established and experienced author, Gabrielle Kent’s Alfie Bloom (Scholastic) sold in 7 languages

Illustrated by BAFTA award-winning creative diretcor Rex Crowle (LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway)


'The fantasy world we have been waiting for' - Eoin Colfer


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