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For Every One


FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £5.00 PAGES: 105 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 04/10/2018 ISBN: 9781999642532

For Every One

Jason Reynolds

Knights Of

This is not about making it.
It's about chasing it.

For Every One is for you.

For Every One is for every kind of reader. A letter to anyone who has ever had a “keeps you up at night” dream. The heart racing, what if? This book is a challenge to think beyond the expected and go for what you want, even if the going for it is the scariest part. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

Selling points

  • An inspirational book from an established, bestselling writer.
  • Till point gift edition publishing in time for Christmas.
  • Perfect for anyone from school leavers, new graduates or retirees - for the creative, ambitious or those going on an adventure.
  • Critically acclaimed author Jason Reynolds is the winner of more than six US national prizes this year including the LA Times Book Award and Kirkus Prize for Young Readers.



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