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FORMAT: Hardcover PRICE: £14.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/05/2019 ISBN: 9781999968045


Céline Potard, illus by Sophie Ledesma

What on Earth Publishing

Investigate haunted castles, spooky forests and even outer space with a monster-revealing magic lens in this striking and unusual book. Children’s favourite monsters are hidden inside each page waiting to jump out when the magic lens is held over them. Mythological creatures, ghostly spirits and monsters from film and fiction all make an appearance. Brief, lively text tells the story of each, from their ghastly origins to their favourite meals.

Selling points

  • A magic lens offers an interactive search-and-find style experience as readers take on the role of monster detective to discover the creatures hidden on the page.
  • Includes children’s favourite monsters from bestselling novels, such as Voldemort and Gollum, as well as mythological monsters they learn about in school.
  • A ‘design your own monster’ spread challenges readers to get creative and become their own Dr Frankenstein.



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