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Tyrannosaurus: Book and 3D Model


FORMAT: Boxed pack PRICE: £14.99 PAGES: 32 Pages PUBLICATION DATE: 01/11/2019 ISBN: 9788830301276

Tyrannosaurus: Book and 3D Model

I. Trevisan and V. Manuzzato


A beautiful gift box with a 32-page book dedicated to dinosaurs and a detailed 3D model of the T-rex ready to build.

Some 230 million years ago, in the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs appeared on Earth. Carnivores and herbivores, sea and land reptiles and flying creatures dominated a primordial landscape, warm and humid, perfect for the development of life. There was only one undisputed ‘king’ of the dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus rex. With its sharp teeth, sturdy legs and long tail, it is the most famous and fearsome predator of all times, and this 3D model does it justice.

Selling points

  • Beautiful model, easy to assemble and very resistant, made of 45 pieces.
  • The 32-page book is filled with dinosaurs facts, makes learning fun.


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