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Discounts to help get you books on your shelves, bookmarks, posters and competitions to get them back off them and out the door again. Look further for exclusive deals, offers, giveaways and seasonal title highlights to keep your children’s section looking its best and working its hardest.

Cute Cat Posters

Give your shelves some added pet cuteness

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Turn your good shoppers bad

Bookmarks and tattoos available

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Land a gorgeous ‘Lark’ poster

Beautiful POS for the Carnegie-nominated series

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Beautiful Gift Books for Christmas

Stock your shelves with gorgeous gifts

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Signed Books Available for Christmas

Order unique gifts to stock in-store

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Brand Titles for Christmas

Order Top brands for Top Christmas presents

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Christmas 2018 Highlights

Stock your shelves with these great Christmas titles

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BA Christmas Highlights

Talk to your rep about extra discount on these Christmas highlights from the BA

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