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Discounts to help get you books on your shelves, bookmarks, posters and competitions to get them back off them and out the door again. Look further for exclusive deals, offers, giveaways and seasonal title highlights to keep your children’s section looking its best and working its hardest.

Grab these spooktacular Amelia Fang packs

Spooky stickers, revolting recipes and more!

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Murder at Twilight POS

Celebrate the queen of thrillers for beginners…

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Quiz their nature knowledge

Nature-themed quiz postcards for your bookshop

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Bring Crongton to you

Bring the boys back with this Crongton poster

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Celebrate 25 years of Horrible Histories

Grab a Horrible selection and some devious display materials

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Welcome Little Door Books – extra discount

We're offering extra discount on a new list

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Catch Beetle mania with a Beetle display pack

Postcards and posters from the world of 'Beetle Boy'

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Join the pack with a Survivor’s poster

Unleash a 'Survivors' poster in-store today

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