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Discounts to help get you books on your shelves, bookmarks, posters and competitions to get them back off them and out the door again. Look further for exclusive deals, offers, giveaways and seasonal title highlights to keep your children’s section looking its best and working its hardest.

Order ‘How to Bee’ POS

Wristbands, postcards and more for your customers

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Order Princess Pirate treasures

Add some pirate sparkle to your bookshop

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Raise the woof with a McTavish poster

Unleash Meg Rosoff's McTavish with posters and standees

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Inspirational Women 2018

Inspirational women are for life, not just for suffrage

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Order a Simon POS Pack

Brilliant POS for a new TV star!

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Wardrobe Monster POS pack

Monstrous bonus packs for Monster supporters

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Infinite Lives of Maisie Day in-store and window promo pack

A cosmic window display pack with infinite possibilities!

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Pamela Butchart World Book Day Pack

Celebrate Pamela's World Book Day title

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