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Discounts to help get you books on your shelves, bookmarks, posters and competitions to get them back off them and out the door again. Look further for exclusive deals, offers, giveaways and seasonal title highlights to keep your children’s section looking its best and working its hardest.

Are you Yeti for this POS?

Bookmarks, posters and yeti badges

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Celebrate The Way Past Winter

Bunting and bookmarks from the author of The Girl of Ink and Stars

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Grab a Velvet Fox POS pack

Gorgeous POS from the author of The Clockwork Crow

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Smeds and Smoos POS!

Gorgeous packs for the new Donaldson and Scheffler

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Start the Revolushun

POS for one of the biggest Autumn debuts

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Enter the Land of Roar

Get your roar-some POS packs

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Welcome Skeleton Keys into your store

Brilliant POS Packs from a top writing duo

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Grab a POS Pack for Mystery Lovers

Posters and bookmarks for the latest detective duo

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