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Download Barrington Stoke Homeschooling Help for Lockdown

As school gates remain closed and thousands of parents and carers become teachers, finding the resources to help you homeschool your children can be both overwhelming and time-consuming.

Barrington Stoke has over 21 years’ experience of publishing fiction for those who find reading a challenge. During that time we have developed our own tips and advice, and have also collaborated with many wonderful organisations to help support families. We have put this pack together to highlight what we and they are offering, particularly focusing on those home-help tips, advice and resources for families with children and young people with dyslexia.

There are positives too: Caroline Bateman, Founder of Achieve Now, says: “When life gives us lemons there are chances to make lemonade! This is a unique opportunity for dyslexic children to learn in ways that suit them away from the stresses and strains of school life.”