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Little Santa Teaching Resources for EYFS & KS1

Ever wondered what Santa was like as a child? Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin… A larger-than-life story to be retold and relished every Christmas! Seeing Santa as a child allows children to project themselves into the story and get engaged, and the big pictures and few words are perfect for reading to pre-schoolers.

About the Book

Little Santa loves, loves, loves the North Pole. The rest of his family? Not so much. So, when they decide to move to Florida, Santa is miserable. Lucky for him, a blizzard foils their plans. The only way out of the house is up the chimney. Up goes Santa, to look for help, and along the way, he meets a reindeer and a large group of elves, who are more than eager to join in the rescue. (And you know the rest of the story!)


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